Dr. Chiro Mitra - Founder of G2G

Dr. Chiro Mitra - Founder of G2G

Dr. Chiro Mitra 05 Mar 2023

It is often said that after every storm, the sun always shines but, in reality, we see a lot of people losing their hopes when life tests them. On a Friday evening in 2006, when a man was hit by a car while running in his university, he broke his leg and partially lost his vision of the right eye. This man today cycles to give wheels to people's dreams.

 Dr. Chiro Mitra, founder of G2G says, "Post the accident I had only two choices. Either solve sudoku while sitting on my chair or cycle around the world, and I chose the latter". From being on crutches to running an ultra, Dr Mitra has given his blood and flesh as he believes, “No ultra is perfect without blood and flesh.”

 Recipient of two national awards, the Karamaveer Golden Candle Award and the Nirbhaya Award, Dr. Mitra himself ran an Ultra Marathon in 2013. When we asked him how from crutches, he went for a 100km trail, he said, “You always look to do something bigger than what you have already done. I believe what you have achieved is history, and what you haven’t achieved looks impossible to you until you actually achieve it. So for me, it was the Ultra Run.”

 When we asked Dr. Mitra how G2G was curated, he shared that the idea got implanted in 2008 post his accident when he moved to India. “Delhi and Mumbai are two cities that are very close to my heart and that’s why I got the idea to start G2G, that is Gate to Gate. I felt the need to curate a ride that is one of its kind as there were only a handful of such experiences in India”, says Dr. Mitra. Started in 2016, G2G cycling is a periodic cycling spree where participants travel from India Gate, New Delhi to Gateway of India, Mumbai in 5 nights and 6 days with its revenue being used for the welfare of children and women at large. With 3 people enrolled in 2016 and over 15 people paddling for G2G’20, the spree has gained recognition from the World Ultra Cycling Association. Dr. Mitra believes that G2G would only grow in leaps and bounds as currently there is no funding and the revenue generated is only through donations.

 Dr. Mitra also recalled that Mumbai Marathons were his favourite as the warmth he experienced was unparalleled. “In Bombay, we would start from South Bombay, cross the sea link, and take right towards Mahim. My heart gets filled with joy each time I see children of Mahim offering us glasses of water/ candies with the same compassion and enthusiasm as how residents of South Bombay would offer chocolates and energy drinks.”

 Despite the hardship that Dr. Mitra faced in G2G '18 when 5 riders misused and infringed Dr. Mitra’s brand name, he is still standing tall with his plans to take G2G to even greater heights in the future. One must derive the lessons of patience, compassion, and self-belief from his splendid journey.

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