Mr. Aakshat Sinha - Curator, I AM

Mr. Aakshat Sinha - Curator, I AM

Mr. Aakshat Sinha 11 Mar 2023


In the society we live in, there are still a lot of stigmas attached to a career in arts. Further, these increase many folds if it is after you leave your already established career in the field of engineering. “I got a scholarship to study engineering in Russia but while pursuing my Ph.D. degree I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. So, I dropped out and moved back to India”, says Aakshat Sinha, Curator of Identity Art Marathon.

From 2000 to 2006, Aakshat explored a lot of fields to make a living for himself but was never content at heart. It was only in 2007 when Aakshat started realizing his true calling. Aakshat says, “I have canvases lying around in my house as my mother has a keen interest in painting and it was just a regular day in 2007 when I picked one and started to draw. I enjoyed it so much that I got myself enrolled in a weekend course at the India Habitat Centre.” What started as a weekend course pushed him to pursue a one-year diploma course in fine arts. Subsequently, he even did a post-graduate diploma course in cultural management. By 2009, Aakshat started holding exhibitions, residency programmes, and art events that were widely appreciated and acknowledged by people.

 Aakshat possesses a keen interest in philosophy. He believes that an interdisciplinary approach is very crucial in the growth of an individual. He wants to keep experimenting and innovating in the field of art. With these ideas in mind, Aakshat brought to life his very own entity, Identity Art Marathon, profoundly known as I AM.

 Identity Art Marathon started in 2019, is a marathon of multi-disciplinary art events scheduled over 4 weeks. In its first edition, it featured almost 40 events including theatre, film making, poetry, heritage, comedy, fashion, music, and much more. There were workshops on Painting, Film Making, Theatre, Music, Cartoon, Doodling, Animation, Resin art, and Book Cover design. When we asked Aakshat how I AM happened, he said, “I wanted to curate something in the summer of 2019. One day I was at Arpana Fine Art Gallery, New Delhi and I got to know that the gallery was being rented out at 1/4th of the cost. So I booked it for 25 days. It was later that I conceptualized I AM.”

‘I AM’ stands for a sense of affirmation. He believes that the moment we believe that we exist, everything falls into place and that’s why he curated the whole enterprise to amalgamate different art forms. This year Aakshat plans to take it digital. When we asked Aakshat to share his life lessons with us, he said that “I have understood that there is always a scope for learning. No one can know everything. Now it is easier for me to accept that I am a learner in each field. Further, I cannot dictate people. I can only try and push them forward. Another important learning for me has to be patience. I have learned the value of patience the harder way and I cannot stress enough how important it is to be patient.” Aakshat’s journey and thoughts can make any individual ponder upon how they lead their lives. It is important that we understand who we are, our strengths, and our weaknesses as only these will help us achieve milestones effectively. 

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