Mr. Jaipal Singh - Owner Jai Singh Farms

Mr. Jaipal Singh - Owner Jai Singh Farms

Mr. Jaipal Singh 11 Mar 2023

You’ve got to grab every opportunity that comes your way. ‘Jai Singh Farms’, a cow milk dairy farm, started by Mr. Jaipal Singh, is one such enterprise which grabbed the opportunity which came his way during the lock down of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We, as a family, have always been fond of animals. My great grandfather and grandfather had started petting cows just after their migration post partition, in 1947. “My father and I carried on with our family tradition of taking care of the cows just as our family members”, says Jaipal Singh.

 Jai Singh Farms came into existence by chance for Singh. “During lock down some of our extended family members requested us if we could provide them with milk as their regular milk supply came to a standstill owing to the lockdown. Since it was family, we didn’t hesitate to offer the milk for free. However, we were surprised to know that the members were so impressed with the quality of the milk that they encouraged us to start a milk unit or something similar so that they could keep enjoying the regular service. Subsequently, after a lot of deliberations, we agreed and thought of starting this venture”, says Jaipal Singh.

 It is evident that Jaipal had no intentions of getting into this business, it was a mere coincidence that pushed him to start a parallel venture to his already existing family business of hand pumps. From one house to another, the word of mouth started spreading like wildfire. It was imperative now to expand and hence Jaipal identified the need to engage more workers and further began working on the branding of ‘Jai Singh Farms’. Since he didn’t have any professional degree, he got enrolled into an online course by National Dairy Research Institute. Simultaneously, he also started doing his own R&D on the project and identified the right breeds to maintain the quality of his milk.

 He has even invested in a dairy farmland as he foresees more growth in the coming months. What started from 4 liters/day is currently delivering 104 liters/day. Jaipal Singh is now a proud parent of 10 animals of top breed which help him serve to over 60 families. Singh believes that this growth was only possible because he paid close attention to fostering relationships with all the 60+ families he is associated with and he advises each entrepreneur to be as involved as they can be in each aspect of the business to make it reach greater heights.

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