Mr. Sunil Jaggi - Founder, AusCan

Mr. Sunil Jaggi - Founder, AusCan

Mr. Sunil Jaggi 11 Mar 2023

Honesty is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living and truth loving. Following these golden rules is the man behind AusCan, a firm of Immigration Consultants. Mr. Sunil Jaggi, founder of Auscan, has been in the immigration business for more than 17 years now. AusCan, which started in 2003, serves as “One stop solution” to its customers and aims at helping the students and other clients in achieving goals which AusCan takes as its mission.

 Mr. Jaggi understands the hardships of students and their families as he himself has led a student life in Australia. As a student, it didn’t take him much time to realize that getting the paperwork and application process done through any consultancy in India is a very hasty procedure. Therefore, by making use of this experience, he felt that he can do something in the interest of his people and students of the country.

 Sunil studied Migration Law in Australia to understand the immigration business. While there were many who were willing to assist him in his operations in India, he decided to go through the drill himself and returned to India as he felt that his presence was necessary here. Like any entrepreneur, he also went through the initial grilling phase where he was thoroughly grilled by his close associates for his business plan, but Mr. Jaggi was always clear and focused about the authenticity in his offerings and services.

Auscan started its operations from Chandigarh and soon captured the whole of Punjab. “Everyone is there to do business in this industry and earn more money, but my aim was clear that I wanted to give my honesty to my clients”. Everybody thought that standing in this industry with full transparency and honesty is a tough shot due to the overwhelming competition but Auscan remained true to its words and has been consistently delivering for nearly two decades now. “Ultimately, you will need to fight the odds to earn respect”, points Mr. Jaggi. He fondly remembers being one of the first sitting member of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), a body that regulates migration agent’s profession.

A team of 6 is now a proud family of more than 100 professionals including counsellors and customer support executives who constantly strive to provide an inspirational environment meeting the expectations of students and clients. Mr. Jaggi attributes his success to two things; first is honesty and the second is knowing the difference between ‘what one has a right to do’ and ‘what is morally right to do’.

It is only because of Mr. Jaggi’s clear vision, industry knowhow, adaptability to the changing law, honesty in guidance, work ethics, and most importantly his personal and continued involvement, that AUSCAN has become a NAME that one could rely on!

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