Rupesh Aggarwal - Director of KBM

Rupesh Aggarwal - Director of KBM

Rupesh Aggarwal 11 Mar 2023

A name stays relevant only if it adapts to the changing times. ‘Karol Bagh Masala Company’, commonly known as KBM is one such business, with over 50 years of existence in the market, which has soared high over time. Rupesh Aggarwal, Director of KBM, brings to light how his grandfather’s vision is being harnessed by each passing generation. “My grandfather moved to Delhi in 1960s and started working in a Masala Company with a mere monthly wage of INR 65 which only helped him meet ends. It was then, when he understood the intricacies of business and realised that the time had come to set up Karol Bagh Masala”, says Rupesh.

Rupesh believes his grandfather was a one-man army whose sheer commitment has inspired the generations to continue this legacy forward. What started in a single room has now expanded its wings in the entire Delhi-NCR region and has also tied-up with all major E-Commerce platforms. It has also made its presence felt in the global markets including the recent Dubai Food Festival.. Rupesh says, “My grandfather, Om Prakash Aggarwal, was great at building relationships. He would go counter to counter to interact with the shopkeepers to foster trust. Further, he had given my father a strong base to begin the process of exponential growth.” He adds that with the help of his grandfather, his father brought numerous exciting innovations to the brand. He introduced new varieties of Masala, he got on-board new machinery and also organised KBM into a registered company in 2001.

From 1969 to 2017, KBM was able to make a name for itself and is now ranked amongst the top market leaders. But as Rupesh says, “There is always a room for improvement”. When he joined in 2017, he had his own plans to take forward the rich heritage. Rupesh, along with his brother, Pravesh, started adapting to the age of digitisation. “We started investing in innovative forms of advertising; we partnered with E-Commerce portals to be easily accessible to each household; we got our digital presence covered through a dedicated website and social media platformsKBM's presence as a household brand has grown many folds since then”, adds Rupesh.

“All throughout my life, I have seen my grandfather and father pay utmost attention towards customers’ satisfaction. They always pushed me and my brother to foster great relationships with everyone. The other lessons that I have learnt are - to always have good intentions and have great respect for one’s heritage”, says Rupesh when we asked him to share the lessons and learnings from his KBM legacy. The growth of KBM puts forth that there is no alternative to hard work and dedication. From being the first one to run a TV commercial on a prominent news channel in 2001 to being featured in a Bollywood Movie in 2019, the three generations of KBM have always upheld its values while accomplishing new milestones each time.

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