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With Corporate junction, you get the best guidance on your intellectual property. Whether you want to learn about intellectual property rights, find solutions to your pressing issues, or safeguard your intellectual property, we have you covered. Join us today and discover the benefits of learning with Corporate Junction.




What we do

At Corporate Junction, we empower you to discover and safeguard your business identity. We guide you through the process of securing your intellectual property rights - from Trademarks and Designs to Copyrights and Patents. And we also help you with drafting your commercial agreements, understanding your legal claims if you ever have to face such issues in the market, dealing with licenses and compliance. Basically, we do everything.


Your brand is the smile, personality, and persona of your business. Own it legally now!


Monopolise and exploit your inventions by owing a patent over them.


Protect your literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works including cinematograph films and sound recordings.

Licenses and Compliance

Make your business more disciplined and compliant. If you thought business compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.


Commercial contracting is all about communicating effortlessly and efficiently while protecting the needs of your business from all possible end points.

Industrial Designs

Protect aesthetics in your designs. These may include shapes, configurations, patterns, ornaments or compositions of lines or colours applied to any article by any industrial process or means.

Why Choose Us

Guidance you can count on

When you book a call with CJ, you get access to the best advisors and consultants in town.

  • No salespeople

    You won’t be talking to pushy salesmen. You’ll only be engaging with exceptional advisors.

  • 15 min consultation

    Good advice takes time. And you will have our undivided attention for at least 15 mins.

  • No spam ever

    We won’t call you when you least expect it. Our hotline comes with a spam-free guarantee.

  • It’s free

    Our consultations are free and we won’t harass you to mandatorily take our services.

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Free Trademark Public Search Report Online


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Why Choose Us - Corporate Junction

Why should you consult from us?

You’ve made it this far, so you must be interested in what we have to offer. But in case you need some more reasons to choose us, here are some extra benefits that will make you happy.

  • We assure transparency and flexibility

  • Chat Support for additional queries

  • Safe and secure way to transact

  • Moral Support for when you need reassurance

Members of Our Community

Our Junction

Each business is a story worth sharing!

We, at Corporate Junction, believe in growth. We are about leverage, life balance, and of course enabling our clients nurture networking skills. Our very own networking junction where we play a small role in bringing all the businesses to a common dashboard and let their stories talk for themselves.


  • Q1. What is Corporate Junction?

    This Platform is an initiative by Shiv Law House and is intended to spread awareness amongst entrepreneurs regarding their intellectual property. We act as a bridge between an idea and an identity.

    We believe in the creativity of work and exploring new ideas to contribute to your ecosystem with nothing but the best. We are committed to not only taking care of your and your brand's legal needs but also committed to ensuring that your brand reaches greater heights.

    In short, Corporate Junction is an initiative which helps you make better decisions when securing your intellectual property. That's it. That's all we do.

  • Q2. But what exactly do you do?

    We have a host of well-trained advisors who will walk you through any queries you may have, and we'll even help you make an informed decision. All you have to do is book a call.

  • Q3. Is the consultation free?

    Yes, it’s free.

  • Q4. Why are you doing all this?

    Our mission is to spread awareness regarding intellectual property among business owners. We truly believe this information should be made accessible to people free of cost especially when it's linked to your business rights and ownership. And we will go to extreme lengths to make that dream a reality.

  • Q5. Can I protect my trademark via Corporate Junction?


  • Q6. How do I protect my Trademark via Corporate Junction?

    You can go to the trademark section on our web page and enter the relevant details and just sit back and relax! We will do the rest.

  • Q7. And what about my other intellectual properties such as Copyrights, Designs, and Patents?

    Just schedule a free call, silly

  • Q8. What is ‘Our Junction’?

    To further our commitment towards entrepreneurs, we are pleased to introduce a networking pad, our very own dashboard, which would enable our users to announce and tell their business stories through us. Networking is to announce and tell others that you exist. It is a valuable way to expand your reach, presence, and knowledge, and learn from the success of others and their stories. We hope that with each story and each business we feature, we contribute to making the ecosystem flourish.

  • Q9. How can I get my business’s story published on your page?

    First, you need to be our firm’s client. Second, just raise a request by talking to your assigned point of contact. Our team will do the rest.

  • Q10. How will the interview be scheduled?

    Our team will reach out to you and schedule an interview. Post this interview, the team will prepare a write-up of your story including the relevant creatives. This write-up and creatives will be published on our platform and will be available on all social media platforms for your use as well.

  • Q11. Is this listing on your platform free of cost?

    Yes, absolutely

  • Q12. How are you ever going to make money this way?

    As we said, this Platform is an initiative by Shiv Law House and hence sponsored by this law firm with the intention to spread awareness amongst entrepreneurs regarding their intellectual property. Therefore, only when you protect your intellectual property using the services of this law firm via our platform, the law firm gets its fee for the legal consultation. The firm’s fee structure would be visible online. That's how the law firm makes money and then uses that money to sponsor us (Wink Wink).

  • Q13. Aha!! So it's a trap. You'll just sweet talk me into buying your law firm’s services?

    No, we won't because it simply doesn't make any business sense. The legal fraternity relies on your goodwill, word of mouth and testimony to keep the lights on. You tell your friends. Your friends tell their friends. That's how it works. So, if we sabotage your experience, then our whole business plan and this initiative go for a toss. Plain and simple.

  • Q14. Why should I trust you though?

    Shiv Law House (SLH) has an experience of more than 43 years in providing a complete range of tailor-made legal solutions in the business arena to assist clients to manage and expand their businesses. SLH's motto is to go beyond conventional ideas and adopt divergent thought processes to strategize business plans for clients. This provides its clients added value and a competitive edge over other businesses in the market.

    Most importantly, Mr Ramesh C Sharma (the brand behind this identity – Oops, we mean to say the identity behind this brand) has in-depth knowledge and holistic experience of more than 43 years in Corporate Advisory and Compliance matters including Brand Strategy and Intellectual Property Laws. Besides acting as a consultant for Indian conglomerates & entrepreneurs across varied industries, he has assisted corporates and young entrepreneurs in managing their legal matters by working closely with their teams.

    Having said that, we don’t claim to be perfect, but we have a pretty good track record when it comes to simplifying complicated legal mumbo jumbo.

  • Q15. Is your analysis of these complex subjects accurate?

    Well, most of our analysis is restricted to translating the law into plain English. So, we can’t go wrong there. However, a part of our analysis is in fact based on a subjective interpretation of what we think matters. It’s what we would do if we were in your shoes.

  • Q16. So, you are saying our advice isn’t accurate?

    No. We are saying that it’s a subjective call that we made based on an assessment of various legal parameters we think are relevant for most of our users. However, if you want to be doubly sure, you can talk to us and maybe we can go from there....

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